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30 Important Italy Travel Tips To Know Before You Go

Historically, most countries impose COVID-19 restrictions when strains on the health care system might become unsustainable. Outdoor dining is allowed, as well as indoor dining starting June 1. Theaters, cinemas and gyms are closed, while shopping centers are closed at weekends. In white zones , bars, restaurants and all other establishments related to food and drinks are open.

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  • Never travel with your bag out in the open or with an unlocked backpack.
  • Do I still need to provide a negative Covid test or quarantine if I have been vaccinated?
  • This luggage is stylish, durable and the four double-spinner wheels make it easy to move around.
  • Obviously, if you are travelling with a baby you will need a whole host of things.

Preload a travel card with euros and avoid the fees that usually go hand in hand with international purchases. Compare these cards by their ATM fees, initial load and reload fees. Make your vacation memorable for all the right reasons and travel with peace of mind that you’re getting the most from your budget with a travel card, credit card or debit card. The official currency of Italy is the euro, but the country is still somewhat a cash-based economy.

Country Information

Never travel with your bag out in the open or with an unlocked backpack. For extra precautions, get a handbag with a wire strap, so that it cannot easily be cut and run away with. Dirty Naples shows another side to Italy’s charecter and yet never fails to charm visitors.

Italian Culture Tips

Rental, repair, replacement parts for aids/equipment/devices, or service providers, such as sign language interpreters or personal assistants, are generally available. Contact the US Embassy in Italy to receive a list of providers. Demonstrationsoccur frequently and can be anti-American in nature, especially in areas hosting U.S. military bases.

It should also confirm that the hospital can perform the specific medical treatment and that you will be accepted accordingly. In this letter should be stated why you will be travelling to Italy. When travelling to Italy in order to engage in activities related to business, i.e. Visiting a business/company to have meetings, to make business deals, to recruit, train or do other similar activities, you will need to hold an Italy Business Visa. By the relative/friend residing in Italy, inviting you to visit.

Travel Health Notices

Slow food involves eating seasonally and sustainably, which supports small-scale local farmers and lowers carbon footprint. It entails cooking and eating delicious meals consciously and pleasantly with ingredients straight from the farm. However, don’t forget to validate your ticket by stamping it in the little machines on the train. You will be fined if the inspectors get you, even if you did not know.


Italy has laid out a roadmap of reopening the country and ending the current pandemic restrictions by summer. Italy’s fortes extend beyond its galleries, wardrobes and dining rooms. The country is one of nature’s masterpieces, with extraordinary natural diversity matched by few.